Friday, August 21, 2009

New School Haircut!

I found myself taking Tate to get her haircut way to often. Today we went again and I realized I need to ask the girl to cute alot off. For Tate's hair an inch is alot, and that is what she took off. The new haircut looks really cute. She looks like a different child. The trip to Sweet and Sassy was an exciting one. Tate got a purple glitter star on her cheek, Cinderella (the movie)was playing as her hair was being cut, she got glitter in her hair, and a free sucker. We love it!

Thankfully Mary Carter is still a great baby. She is very content and we are so glad! Tate has finally started to adjust to a family of four, which has made life in the Robertson household much more peaceful.


et her haircut about every two weeks.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday party, beach, and more!

Here are a few pictures from our beach trip with Stephanie (and the potty training fun). We also went to Selma for Memorial Day weekend. Tate and Anna Belle had fun riding Mason's old gator. Trey also found a turtle. Tate was fasinated by it. The birthday party was fun. Thanks to everyone that helped with it. One of Tate's gifts was a big girl bike. It has a plastic zipper pouch on the front. Once the pinata was broken she was taking as much candy as she could and stuffing it into the pouch. Not sure where she gets that love for candy????

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Girl Bed, We Love Homewood Day, and a little Dress Up

Tate is actually doing pretty good in her "Big Girl Bed", and doesn't seem to care one bit that all her old furniture is now in the babies room. Now that we have gotten this out of the way, we will see how pottery training goes next week.

Last weekend we had Anna Belle's birthday party. Tate defiantely got my taste buds..they had a pinata and tate was grabbing candy as fast as she could. We also went to We Love Homewood Day that night. They had a parade, band, and little street party. This was our first year to go. It was very fun, we will be back next year.

Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a great Easter weekend. Friday we got together with some highschool friends and had lunch at Margaret's mom's house. It was fun to see everyone. The babies there were: Mary Drue (Amy), Maggie (Margaret), Anna Belle and Wynn (Stephanie), Luci(Amy's sister), John Braxton (Mary Christie).
Saturday morning we went to the Easter egg hunt at the Country Club. Tate had a good time, but was more interested trying to figure out what was in the egg than actually finding more eggs. She would not sit in the Easter Bunny's lap once we got inside. Anna Belle loved him, but she still couldn't get Tate up there!
Tate loved all the surprised she found in her Easter basket Sunday morning. Once we finished up some PEZ candy for breakfast we headed off to church!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Official Easter Egg Hunt!

Our supper club got together last night and we had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. They had a great time finding the eggs. The weather was perfect for it.
Over Spring Break we went to see Leslie and her family. Tate and Andrew had a great time playing. Baby Maggie was there too, but is still too little to "stomp her boots in the mud" with them.
We also spend the night with the Browns not too long ago. Tate and Anna Belle had a big time as always.
Big News...Tate actually went to the bathroom in the potty tonight. She was so proud of herself. I still haven't studied up on what I need to do about potty training, maybe a miracle will happen and she will just figure it out. Campbell has been a big help. She got potty trained over Spring Break, and Tate has watched her in action. Hopefully this wil be a "monkey see, monkey do" case???
My parents picked up Tate's "big girl bed" this weekend and got it to us. We have alot of work to do in both rooms before we assemble it and start shifting around furniture. I will post pictures once it starts coming together.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A little bit of Chaos!

It is amazing to see how a small home project can turn a little house UPSIDE DOWN. We are adding a closet in our bedroom since the baby's room is our storage area. I have had to take everything out of the area of the bedroom he is adding the closet and everything out of my closet. Our house is a complete mess! I am feeling like it will be like this until the baby is here...hopefully not, but likely! I will add pictures when it is complete. Keep your fingers crossed we like through the mess!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in March

Well, Tate just kicked me out of my own bedroom. She wanted to sit on the bed with her Daddy and watch TV. When I came in she said, "Go Mommy".

It snowed alot today in Birmingham. This Alabama weather is crazy! I feel like snow in March is somewhat common. Growing up I remember it snowing on Margaret's birthday alot. It seems like we were at my house some of the times for it too.

Tate enjoyed the snow today. Probably would have stayed out there all day long if we allowed it. I would have never made it out there all day. She is definately her father's child.

I put our guest bedroom chest of drawers and side table on Craiglist yesterday. Trying to make room (and money) for the new babe. Sold all three pieces today. I am very exctited about that. Tempted to crawl around in the attic and see what else I can find to sell! Now the room has a ton of stuff just sitting on top of the guest bed. Hopefully we will find a spot to put all of it.....we will see???