Friday, August 21, 2009

New School Haircut!

I found myself taking Tate to get her haircut way to often. Today we went again and I realized I need to ask the girl to cute alot off. For Tate's hair an inch is alot, and that is what she took off. The new haircut looks really cute. She looks like a different child. The trip to Sweet and Sassy was an exciting one. Tate got a purple glitter star on her cheek, Cinderella (the movie)was playing as her hair was being cut, she got glitter in her hair, and a free sucker. We love it!

Thankfully Mary Carter is still a great baby. She is very content and we are so glad! Tate has finally started to adjust to a family of four, which has made life in the Robertson household much more peaceful.


et her haircut about every two weeks.


Melina said...

Love Tate's new haircut..very sophisticated. I want to get by to see Mary Carter. She's beautiful! Before I move (boo hoo), we will get together.

Kelley Brown said...

Your girls are SO cute!! It was so fun to see you today at Covenant, but sorry I was SPRINTING past you! :) I have never seen Carter so hyper and excited. I think he had fun. :)